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Tirupati Temple Richer Than Big Companies, Media Says, Hides Expenditure Of Hindu Money By YSRCP Government

While finding the wealth of the Tirupati temple more than that of Wipro, Nestle, ONGC, etc, PTI goes silent on the fact that the AP government enjoys this money

How Nitish Kumar challenged Narendra Modi after taking oath

Patna: After swearing in as Bihar chief minister for the eighth time, continuing in the chair with altering allies, Nitish Kumar took a shot...

Surya-Rahu Conjunction In Eclipse Bad For 3 Rashis

According to Vedic astrology, when Rahu and Surya are together while transiting in a zodiac, Rahu affects the sun and the native meets with unintended reverses

Matua Vote Slipping Away From BJP In Bengal

The CAA, which has been in suspended animation since the legislation in the parliament, was a promise the BJP had made time and again to the Matua community

Islamism Looks For Raison D’Être

Based on the translation from Laurent Bonnefoy's review of the book on Islamism, Histoire des Mobilisations Islamistes, by François Burgat et Matthieu Rey


Nupur Sharma to Rahul Gandhi: If Hindus are violent, why do I need round-the-clock protection?

Nupur Sharma referred to the recent speech by Congress's Rahul Gandhi in the parliament where he said those who call themselves Hindu are violent all the time

Mukesh Khanna takes exception to Kalki 2898 AD

Mukesh Khanna wants every Hindu to be offended by the liberties the filmmaker took with the Mahabharata, comparing the situation to Adipurush

Keir Starmer wooed British Hindus: How & why

Ahead of the polls, Keir Starmer said, 'There is absolutely no place for Hinduphobia in Britain' and that Labour would 'build a new strategic partnership with India'

Why Gupt Navratri is observed, how, when and by whom

Adhering to the rituals associated with Gupt Navratri, as mentioned in Devi Bhagavata Purana, is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness into one's life