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Rajarshi Nandy

Tantra upasaka Rajarshi Nandy was professionally a technical writer for a few years after which he gave up worldly pursuits for his sadhana

Exclusive articles:

Ekajata (एकजटा): Fiercest form of Shakti

Ekajaṭī or Ekajata (Sanskrit: “one plait woman”; one who has one knot of hair), also known as Māhacīnatārā, originated in Tibet and later found...

Vipassana Can’t Lead To Nibbana

I tried a 10-day vipassana course recently during my yearly spiritual breaks. Having heard many conflicting opinions about the meditation programme, I decided to...

Beef advocacy blocks Mamata’s Jagannath Puri visit

Puri: A controversy erupted over West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress head Mamata Banerjee’s Puri darshan plans when the Sebayit Committee of the...

Dhulagarh witnessed Hindu-Muslim riot, say locals

Dhulagarh: Communal riots broke out between Hindus and Muslims in Dhulagarh area on 13 December, about 28 km from West Bengal capital Kolkata. In the...

Internationalism For Enlightened Few, Nationalism For All

There is a prevailing concept among certain sections of pop-spiritualists, like in this article that the idea of patriotism or nationalism is contrary to...


Taliban wants to return land to ousted Hindus, Sikhs

The Land Acquisition Prevention and Restoration Commission of Taliban is investigating instances of land seized from Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan

Ancient Ram temple reopens in Maoist-infested Bastar

Himanshu Pandey, CRPF commandant of the 74 Battalion, stated that the ancient Ram temple was discovered during area domination operations

Mehbooba Mufti accuses BJP of using Kashmiri Pandits’ plight as weapon for votes across India

Mehbooba Mufti did not care to explain the targeted killings of Hindus including Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir while waxing eloquent about Kashmiri 'tolerance'

7 Muslims arrested for selling samosas stuffed with beef in Gujarat

There have been many incidents of food jihad by Muslims who adulterate food, spit on it or masquerade as Hindus at pilgrimage centres