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Hindus Fend For Themselves, Struggle For Parity

When it was known from the tweet of a union minister that the government had decided to provide EWS spaces to Rohingyas, the Union...

The Satanic Verses Plot That Got Muslim World’s Goat

The Satanic Verses was the fourth novel by British-Indian writer Salman Rushdie. First published in September 1988, the book was inspired by the life...

How Nitish Kumar challenged Narendra Modi after taking oath

Patna: After swearing in as Bihar chief minister for the eighth time, continuing in the chair with altering allies, Nitish Kumar took a shot...

Pakistan-US Relations Hitting Reset Button?

While the US was appearing aloof from the affairs of Pakistan for the past few years, circumstances surrounding the ouster of Imran Khan indicated otherwise

Niti Of Suman Bery Better Than Rajiv Kumar’s?

With Suman Bery in Niti, the government has brought in a researcher with varied experience to head the national think tank that was led by Rajiv Kumar