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Pakistani Hindus who finally feel at home

These Pakistani Hindus have been living in ramshackle huts in a neighbourhood dotted and lined with dirt paths, small temples, cattle and unkempt children

Anees given exemplary punishment for love jihad

Mohammad Anees Ahmed deceived a Dalit woman from Mangolpuri, Delhi, by posing as a Hindu man named Akash in order to initiate a relationship with her

Supreme Court invalidates Hindu marriage shorn of rituals

The Supreme Court made the observation while adjudicating a case of two pilots who sought divorce without having participated in a typical Hindu wedding

Senate of Pakistan hears Hindu MP plead for survival of community

Presenting his views in the Senate, Hindu MP Danesh Kumar Palyani said Pakistan gave his community protection against forced conversions to Islam

Why Hinglaj in Balochistan is making news

A yearly pilgrimage, which started on 26 April 2024 and ended on the 28th, drew a large crowd of pilgrims to the historic cave temple of Hinglaj Mata