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Conversion to even Buddhism must be registered in Gujarat

The state's home department issued the circular on 8 April on observing that petitions seeking conversion to Buddhism were not being processed as per rules

Principal suspended for administering anti-Hindu oath to students

The principal of the Chhattisgarh government school is accused of acting in contravention of the third of the Civil Services Conduct Rules, 1965

रोमिला थापर का दावा — युधिष्ठिर ने अशोक से लिया ज्ञान

मार्क्सवादी इतिहासकर रोमिला थापर के अनुसार 232 ईसा-पूर्व के मौर्य सम्राट अशोक ने द्वापर युग के ज्येष्ठ पांडव पुत्र युधिष्ठिर को प्रेरित किया

कैलाश पर प्राचीन तक्षकला का सच

अपनी फ़ेसबुक वॉल पर मैंने 3 दिसंबर की सुबह एक संग्रहित वीडियो डाली जिसमें अमेरिकन सा सुनाई देने वाला...

Janmashtami Must Be Celebrated For A Fortnight

Turning the festival of Lord Krishna's incarnation into a fortnightly, nationwide event would be the first step towards arousing a vital consciousness of the community

End Of Halal Labelling In Sri Lanka Must Inspire India

The economics of halal is just a way of looting by Islamic forces of the non-Muslim economies of the world, which India is yet to realise

Rammohun Roy: How Rajiv Malhotra Got Brahmo Samaj Founder Wrong

What excuse is there for a shoddy investigation into Raja Rammohun Roy by Rajiv Malhotra and his glossing over the side-lining of Sanskrit by the heroes of Hindutva?

Lotus Born

Padmasambhava was found as an 8-year-old child inside a blooming lotus in a land southwest of Oḍḍiyāna, which was among the four most powerful Shankipeethas in ancient India