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TTD to try to convert non-Hindus back to Hinduism

The TTD has decided to set up a platform to provide an opportunity for people of any faith to declare their faith in Hinduism and adopt the eternal way of life

Nupur Sharma to Rahul Gandhi: If Hindus are violent, why do I need round-the-clock protection?

Nupur Sharma referred to the recent speech by Congress's Rahul Gandhi in the parliament where he said those who call themselves Hindu are violent all the time

Mukesh Khanna takes exception to Kalki 2898 AD

Mukesh Khanna wants every Hindu to be offended by the liberties the filmmaker took with the Mahabharata, comparing the situation to Adipurush

Why Gupt Navratri is observed, how, when and by whom

Adhering to the rituals associated with Gupt Navratri, as mentioned in Devi Bhagavata Purana, is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness into one's life

Reva Gudi, Hindu candidate of Tories inspired by Gita

Reva Gudi says her career as a physician and a member of the school board has been dedicated to serving the people, which she could do better as an MP

Hindu votes assume significance in UK election

The Hindu Manifesto UK 2024, released by Hindu groups in the UK prior to the upcoming general elections on 4 July, advocates for the acknowledgment of anti-Hindu hate as a religious hate crime

Shaiva in Tamil Nadu moves court to get Sai Baba idols removed from temples

The Shaiva told the Madras High Court that idols of the enigmatic 19th-century preacher in Hindu temples violated the Agamas that determine temple constitution

Sarma explains with voting data how Muslims are a thankless community

Out of the 39% votes of the INC, 50% were concentrated in 21 minority-dominated assembly segments where the BJP got 3% votes, Himanta Biswa Sarma noted

Hindu woman loses eye in violence following attempt to open Eidgah gate in front of Hanuman Mandir in Jodhpur

The Hindu woman who lost an eye said that her grandson was playing outside the house at around 9:30 PM on Friday when she heard noises from outside

SGPC, upset with yoga at Golden Temple, had accepted namaz

Meanwhile, no Dalit rights group or individual has played the caste card despite the Scheduled Caste of the victim of religious intolerance that the SGPC betrayed

Meet Ajay Pratap Singh, advocate for restoring Hindu properties ‘usurped by Muslims’

Chemistry postgraduate-turned-lawyer Ajay Pratap Singh is dedicated to uncovering historical truths and restoring Hindu heritage, one site at a time

Love jihad wedlock under Special Marriage Act invalid due to Muslim personal law: MP HC

Love jihad is invalid as Section 4 of the Special Marriage Act says if the couple is not in a prohibited relationship, marriage is valid, but MPL prohibits it