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Judge who ordered Gyanvapi survey threatened from foreign locations

Currently, the security detail of the judge consists of two personnel, but one of his colleagues expressed concerns about their adequacy as they are not armed

Dhoti-kurta-clad police at Kashi Vishwanath Temple explained

Only 4 policemen wearing dhoti-kurta stand at the doors of the sanctum as of now, but 4 women cops are deployed too, albeit not in the novel outfits

Supreme Court refuses to stop Hindu puja at Gyanvapi basement

The Supreme Court scheduled the Gyanvapi mosque committee's plea against the permission for Hindu puja in the southern cellar of the mosque for final disposal in July

PoK part of India regardless of Hindu-Muslim question: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said at the India Today Conclave that it was the aspiration of every Indian, including every Kashmiri, to reclaim PoK

Puja to continue in Gyanvapi cellar: HC

This sub-case began when a hereditary priest sought permission to enter the 'tahkhana' and resume the puja his grandfather used to do there

AIM accuses UP govt of colluding with Hindu side in Gyanvapi case

AIM lawyer SFA Naqvi questions the presence of the advocate-general in the courtroom when the government was yet to be made a party to the case

Yogi pushes Hindu reclamation of Kashi, Mathura after Ayodhya

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath accused the Samajwadi Party government of not caring to develop cities holy to Hindus even with their lack of faith

Ayodhya trust treasurer speaks out of turn

If we get the back Kashi and Mathura with love, we will forget about all other things, Ayodhya trust treasurer Govind Dev Giri Maharaj announced in Pune

मौर्य — हम ज्ञानवापी का तलघर 2017 में ही खुलवा देते, लेकिन…

भारत के गौरव को बहाल करने के लिए प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी को धन्यवाद देते हुए उपमुख्यमंत्री केशव मौर्य ने कहा कि 22 जनवरी का दिन इतिहास में दर्ज हो गया है

ज्ञानवापी पर अपना दावा मज़बूत करने हज़ारों की संख्या में पहुँचे मुसलमान

वाराणसी ज़िला अदालत द्वारा ज्ञानवापी ढाँचे के तलघर में पूजा की अनुमति दिए जाने और इलाहाबाद उच्च न्यायालय द्वारा शुक्रवार को आदेश पर रोक लगाने से इनकार के बाद मुसलमान नेताओं ने बड़े बयान दिए

ज्ञानवापी ब्रिटिश प्रशासन, विदेशी विशेषज्ञों की नज़र में

ज्ञानवापी के चलते उत्तर भारत में हुए सांप्रदायिक दंगे, बिशप रेजिनल्ड हेबर के साक्ष्य, पुरातत्त्वविद एमए शेरिंग के तर्क, इतिहासकार एडविन ग्रीव्स के लेखन पर लेख

Why high court refused to entertain Muslim side’s application on Gyanvapi

Refusing to entertain their interim stay application; the Allahabad High Court asked the mosque committee to amend its appeal by 6 February