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International Women’s Day special: Remarkable ladies in Hindu itihasa

Message on International Women's Day: Do not let a ‘modernist’ look down upon the culture of this nation, based on hearsay and half-baked knowledge

Temple in shape of ॐ to be inaugurated on 10 Feb in Rajasthan

Swami Maheshwaranand Maharaj, who commands a following from all over the world, said this Om-shaped temple at the Jadan Ashram would be the first of its kind

Why Stitched Clothes Not Worn While Performing Vedic Rituals

Hindu practices such as clothes, accessories, ornaments and symbols generally are not constrained in sampradayas of Brahmana, but…

Vedas Forbidden For Women? What Do Scriptures Say?

How true is the assertion by some traditionalists that the existence of Brahmavadinis in Itihasa does not necessarily mean women have the right to access Vedas?

Rammohun Roy: How Rajiv Malhotra Got Brahmo Samaj Founder Wrong

What excuse is there for a shoddy investigation into Raja Rammohun Roy by Rajiv Malhotra and his glossing over the side-lining of Sanskrit by the heroes of Hindutva?