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Anti-plagiarism policy

In the points below, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Swadharma and/or Swadharma Media Private Limited, the company that owns the media house and brand.

Method of detection

We are using an online plagiarism detection service as of now.

Wikipedia: We do not consider the act of lifting a few sentences from any article in Wikipedia plagiarism if Wikipedia did not attribute those phrases to any source. However, on receiving a complaint about a post published by us, we will examine the particular case and judge whether it was possible for the accused writer to produce an entire piece or report out of the few sentences he copied from an open source. If it was, stern action will be taken against the writer, beginning with his/her suspension from our panel, pending further inquiry into the matter that includes the examination of his/her defence. If not, the case will stand dismissed. In either case, our findings will be published by the Editorial Board.

Attributed sources: The section in our article or report that is copied must be hyperlinked to the original report and/or our writer must name the original author in our piece. Failing both, the work will be considered plagiarised, and the punitive action as explained above will follow.


Paid: We need not name the news agencies we subscribe to in our reports while using parts of their reports (because we are paying these original sources for the purpose of using their content). However, none of our writers is entitled to copy an entire article or report from an agency and pass it off as his/her creation. Doing so will be considered plagiarism and the actions stated in (2) will follow.


We accept news from the Press Information Bureau, add our own inputs to it and change the language and style of expression before publishing such reports. We also take reports from Wikinews while crediting the source for these in accordance with Wikinews’ demand.

Contributions by volunteers and freelancers: We hereby indemnify ourselves from the act of any volunteering writer or freelancer of sending us the very content that he/she has sent to another media house for publication. Whether we published the article or report before or after another media house did, or we published it simultaneously with them, such an article or report will not be considered plagiarised. However, passing off the creation of somebody else as one’s own will attract disciplinary action.

Using our creation

Anybody can use the content we produce, provided the copier attributes the material to Swadharma and hyperlinks the copied part in his/her write-up to the web page on our site where it was originally published.

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