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Exclusive articles:

Budget 2022: Pushing Growth With Hands Tied

This brings the government to a very important target segment estimated 6.33 crore MSME units in India which contribute 29% to India’s GDP, employing over 11 crore workers

China Is Hurtling Down A Slope

Has the seemingly never-ending growth story of the Chinese economy now hit a roadblock? More important, is the hit on the real estate giant...

Ford Failed In India For Its Own Mistakes

India’s fascination with fellow Asian car makers is best explained by the success of Hyundai which entered the country in the same year as that of Ford

Taliban Regime Unsettles Both US, Iran

A fatuous Joe Biden administration has embarrassed Americans while a Shi'ah Iran will never accept an all-Sunni government in Afghanistan

Mamata In Delhi: Veni, Vidi, No Vici Yet

The rest of India will await an equitable distribution of poverty as West Bengal has successfully practised since 1977, should Mamata Banerjee's dream come true


Jain temple made of 40 tonne ghee

The Bhandasar Jain Temple, a pilgrim's destination as well as cultural centre, is taken care of by the ASI that conserves it for posterity

Savarkar/Mookerjee-Jinnah alliance not what INC alleges

The Hindu Mahasabha-Muslim League alliance began with the provincial elections in 1937, which coincided with the election of Savarkar as HM president, but…

Taliban wants to return land to ousted Hindus, Sikhs

The Land Acquisition Prevention and Restoration Commission of Taliban is investigating instances of land seized from Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan

Ancient Ram temple reopens in Maoist-infested Bastar

Himanshu Pandey, CRPF commandant of the 74 Battalion, stated that the ancient Ram temple was discovered during area domination operations