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Rammohun Roy: How Rajiv Malhotra Got Brahmo Samaj Founder Wrong

What excuse is there for a shoddy investigation into Raja Rammohun Roy by Rajiv Malhotra and his glossing over the side-lining of Sanskrit by the heroes of Hindutva?

Demonisation of Wedding Rituals Smacks of Hindu-Illiteracy

There can be no better Hindu ritual than the widely prevalent and most visible practice of wedding rituals for such demonisation by cultural leftists

Holika Leaves JNU’s Leftists Brain-Burned

Holi, easily one of the most widely celebrated Hindu...

Vibhishana Vs Bhishma: Who Followed Dharma Better?

Before Bhagawān, all break down; dharma alone matters, which He personifies; study the characters of Vibhishana and Bhishma in this light

Why Christian votes in Karnataka worry Congress

The challenge is most palpable in areas like Dakshina Kannada, Bidar, Shivamogga and Bengaluru Central & North where Christian votes play a significant role

CPM demands EC action against BJP candidate from Kerala

In his letter to the Election Commission, CPM Thiruvananthapuram district committee secretary C Jayanbabu expressed concern over a flex board

PoK part of India regardless of Hindu-Muslim question: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said at the India Today Conclave that it was the aspiration of every Indian, including every Kashmiri, to reclaim PoK

Akali Dal must not collaborate with ‘Hindu’ BJP: Terrorist-founded outfit

'As the BJP propagates the idea that every Indian is a Hindu and tries to establish a Hindu Rashtra, the Akali Dal must not form an alliance with them'

Shobha Karandlaje of BJP in a little spot of bother

The DMK has requested the Election Commission for measures against Karandlaje for associating the suspect in the Rameshwaram cafe explosion with Tamil Nadu


Jain temple made of 40 tonne ghee

The Bhandasar Jain Temple, a pilgrim's destination as well as cultural centre, is taken care of by the ASI that conserves it for posterity

Savarkar/Mookerjee-Jinnah alliance not what INC alleges

The Hindu Mahasabha-Muslim League alliance began with the provincial elections in 1937, which coincided with the election of Savarkar as HM president, but…

Taliban wants to return land to ousted Hindus, Sikhs

The Land Acquisition Prevention and Restoration Commission of Taliban is investigating instances of land seized from Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan

Ancient Ram temple reopens in Maoist-infested Bastar

Himanshu Pandey, CRPF commandant of the 74 Battalion, stated that the ancient Ram temple was discovered during area domination operations